The economy going south a few years back hurt us all in many ways, especially the motorcycle industry. Before everything went into the crapper, one of the leaders in the custom motorcycle industry was Redneck Engineering out of Liberty South Carolina. I don’t use that term loosely (leaders), and I’ll explain why. D22_2967

At Johnny Macs Chopper House, a new bike is underway for Johnny. His frame decision was a Redneck Chopper. So, the order was placed, and a week later we jumped in the truck in Phila at 8:30pm and arrived in the beautiful town of Liberty at 7:30am where we met Vince (Redneck Owner) at his favorite little breakfast spot. After a little while of fun talk, we headed over to Redneck’s building driving through some killer country side. Redneck had been quite successful over the years, and that showed in the massive property of which it sits on, with one giant shop up on the hill that is no longer in use, Redneck EngineeringVince has moved the shop back to his original shop lower on the property, which to me was as perfect as a shop can be. YOU HAVE TO GO CHECK IT OUT! It’s history, frames everywhere, showroom bikes, custom cars, and the machinery…. holy shit batman, it’s obvious why Redneck had produced some 100,000 frames with Bikes everywhere.

Redneck EngineeringWell, for a few years things slowed down, Vince took some time off and the numbers went away. People even had the thought that Redneck wasn’t in operation any more. NOT. We had specific conversations about this yesterday. Redneck is cookin’, sending frames all over the world, WID_0005and developing smaller components of which he will unleash soon. I took some video during the trip of which I will post soon, it was a threal eyeopener of a trip for me, saw one of the most amazing shops that I have seen in a long time, and I can’t wait to see what Johnny’s chopper will look like in the next few weeks. Visit the Redneck site, new site coming soon.M060809 005



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