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A Deal You CAN’T Refuse! …………. 




Baggers Werx needs your help. Bagger Werx is a premium manufacturer of numerous parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles with an emphasis on Touring Models or as “we say, Baggers.

The flagship of our product offering is the Bay Area Drop Seat Kit. For Baggers.

As always, when the new model year comes out, we immediately do extensive research to insure proper fitment and function of all of our products. We of course do this as most companies do by using our extensive library of Genuine Harley-Davidson Parts catalogs and service manuals.

However, the final confirmation is ALWAYS an installation performed by our staff in our R&D facility.

Here is the deal of the century!

If you are in the bay area of California and can let us use your 2014 bagger to install a Drop Seat Kit, you will get the Drop Seat Kit and the installation entirely FREE!

That’s right, a $1495.95 Bagger Werx Drop Seat Kit and the labor 100% free.

If you don’t want the Drop Seat Kit, no worries………For use of your bike, we will give you $500!

If you want the coolest accessory going for a dresser (the most comprehensive and tech friendly kit available) or simply want to make an EASY $500, contact us at:


565 Rossi Court
Gilroy CA, 95020 USA

Tel: 1-408-623-0050
Fax: 1-408-848-8443




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Want to get in on that?

The price is very reasonable to do so. For $150 monthly, you will have a banner with your company logo that shows up on every page of the website, all of your press releases will be listed on the website and distributed via the BikersBullseye Social Media Network to millions, and you will have a full page ad in the monthly magazine… provide the ad.

If you need us to create the graphics for your ad, no worries, we can easily do that for a charge of $50 extra.

For further details on this extraordinary opportunity, please contact:

Joe Distefano at 319-389-0798 or email to

Jack McIntyre at 610-636-5848 or email to