BikeSheath Product Update…………..Demo Video – Seeing Is Believing

BikeSheath Product Update

Saddlebag Lid Covers


2014-up Harley-Davidson Touring Model
Demo Video – Seeing Is Believing
December 9, 2015 – The Project Rushmore Harley-Davidson touring models had many changes from its predecessor.  2014 and following opened up a whole new world of gadgets and ease with the release of the new touring models.
BikeSheath  continues their innovative style and design with saddlebag covers specifically designed for the 2014 and newer Harley-Davidson touring models.
The saddle bag lid covers are made from the same patented waterproof material used in all BikeSheath products.  With some of the touring models being equipped with speakers in the lids, it is imperative to keep these covered while the bike is parked.  That is where BikeSheath brand saddlebag lid covers come to the rescue.  These are tight fitting, completely waterproof covers that really protect your ride.
The beauty of BikeSheath modular covers is, you can take them with you, and are as user friendly as any product could ever be.
To view a demonstration video, click here


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