CYRON Motorcycle – Platinum Accent Lighting Kit MLKP7CZ-Color – Featuring the RC3A-12 Controller


CYRON Motorcycle 


Accent Lighting Kit MLKP7CZ-Color 


Featuring the RC3A-12 Controller

 Colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow

 CYRON MLK kits are specifically designed for  automotive accent lighting, particularly motorcycles.

The Platinum kit is a great start up kit for small and medium size bikes, yet allowing room for  future expand-ability.

It utilizes CYRON’s hermetically sealed  CV6 LED clusters and a RC3A12 Tri-Zone controller.

That means more light output and the ultimate control-ability.

Aesthetically pleasing  CV6 LEDs make them easily blend in with other chrome automotive parts.

CV6 LEDs can be mounted on their base and sides giving great versatility in mounting.

Extra CV6 as well as FL30 flexible  LEDs can be purchased  for system upgrades.


·         2 remotes in one, Uni-Zone and Tri-Zone operations

·         Smart Micro-controller  design

·         Prevents drained starting batteries

·         Auxiliary signal for brake or alarm trigger

·         5 Static  modes

·         5 Dynamic  modes, 5 speeds each

·         Stylish 4 button remote

·         Can control hundreds of LEDs

·         Compatible with all Cyron 12V LEDs

·         100 ft. range

·         3 x 3 Amp rating

·         12 and 24 VDC  operation

·         Watertight  fuse holder

·         Ultra durable American made LED clusters

·         Versatility in mounting

·         Super wide angle light for more coverage

·         Aesthetically pleasing chrome lights blend in with other chrome parts

·         Up to 50,000 hours life

·         Expandable with more lights

·         Super low power usage

·         9-14.8VDC, 0.58A

·         Long cords for ease of wiring

System contains:

·         7 x CV6C LED Cluster, Chrome, 4ft cord

·         1 x Wireless RC3A-12 Multi-Zone Smart Controller

·         1 x Remote

·         1 x Waterproof fuse holder with fuse

·         12 x Wire ties

·         2 x Ring terminals

·         4 x Solder-less terminals

·         Highest grade 3M VHB™ tapes

·         Cleaning wipes


MSRP: $129.95

CYRON LED Lighting Kits are distributed by the following industry leaders
To view more information about the world of CYRON, please click HERE

Shell Reinish

Vice President of Sales
(818) 772-1900 x 101
(888) 297-6660 x 101
(818)772-1317 Fax 

What would you light today!

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