Call to action! Bull-It Jeans USA is looking for a few good men (or women)

Call to action!
Bull-It Jeans USA is looking for
a few good men (or women)

President Paul Gomez is building a crew
and wants you to be part of the team

March 3, 2015 – A great opportunity to be part of a brand launch to the US motorcycle market,  that company is Bull-It jeans.
Bull-It Jeans is a state of the art and very unique product line / company, founded in the U.K. in 2006.
We are looking for good men and women to represent our company directly to power sport dealers of all kind, makes, and brands in the U.S.
U.S division president Paul Gomez is a long time industry personality that is held in the highest regard by all that know him. Any representatives coming on board will report directly to Paul and will find him a pleasure to work with.

We at Bull-it Jeans ride, we raced, we love bikes. We work with BSB teams, Speedway riders, the Fire department – responsible for scooping people up from the road. Just anyone who needs a solution to casual riding in protective casual clothing.

For those out there that advocate leathers over jeans, well so do we at Bull-it Jeans – when the time is right. Guys and girls out there will always ride in denim jeans and occasionally hoodies. So lets make it as safe and wickedly cool as we can!

Working with Covec™ for 2 years straight, we’ve been designing materials fit for the purpose, fit for Bikers.

Aramids are great yarns, but not the ones for Bike jeans. They have several weaknesses, hydrolysis for instance (get weaker over time with any moisture like humidity and washing). High Modulus Polyethylene, probably the last thing you want in your pants, unless you like 3rd degree. It has high thermal conductivity and passes road heat (friction heat) straight through to the skin.

Well, that’s what we at Bull-it Jeans are about. Bikers making technical clothing that looks the nuts for bike nuts.

If you love unique products, good commissions,  and are an industry veteran, please contact:

Paul Gomez
Bull Tech USA
 To learn more about Bull-It Jeans U.S.A., please click HERE

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