The Brooks Leathers Review Quarterly Newsletter

The Brooks Leathers Review
Quarterly Newsletter 
December 2014

We would like to thank you for taking the time to check out our first Brooks Leather Quarterly Newsletter called the Brooks Leather Review. 
This letter will come out approximately every 3 months as interesting news of our company’s support of the sport takes us all over the world. We feel it is important to support the industry from which we make our living and sincerely love. 
Providing top quality American Made leather riding apparel since 1959 is a beautiful thing to be sure. However, the actions we take as avid supporters and participants of some of the greatest events our business has to offer is truly the best thing we feel we can do for our industry. 
Everyone at Brooks Leathers would like you to know about these events……….. Please check out these short reports on some recent events we attended……….it is ALL great fun that we hope you will enjoy. 
Jamie Goodson

Motogiro USA – September 26, 27, 28, 2014


If you have never heard of Motogiro, below is the event description in a nutshell as stated on

“The MotoGiro USA is a motorcycle event promoted by the United States Classic Racing Association (USCRA). It’s a two-day skill event for small displacement classic motorcycles, scooters and sidecar rigs on public roads. The riders are given written directions and a timetable to complete each of three sections in a specific time. And there are a number of rider skill tests each competitor must do to qualify.

This is a timed ride (not a race) ……..Speeds average from 25 to 35mph. Motorcycles are 1968 or older models with displacement no larger than 305cc. We have seen motorcycles from all makes from Aermacchi, CZ, NSU, BMW, Benelli, Ossa to Honda Suzuki and Jawa’s Teams are also often created for riders that wish to ride this event with family and friends. Riders come from as close at NH and as far as Hawaii & Norway. Originally started in 1914 as the Giro Motociclistico d’Italia, the historic race was loved for its daring open road excitement and competitive spirit. The competition, also known as the Giro d’Italia, gained momentum over the years and reached a heyday in the mid 1950s when it became the showcase of Italian motorbike manufacturers, including Gilera, Ducati, Morini, Mondial, Benelli and MV Augusta.

Many of the bikes were created specifically for the Motogiro-USA, helping to build Italy’s legendary reputation for speed, style and performance. Despite its success, the race was ended in 1957 when the Italian government prohibited all road races.

In June 2001, forty-four years later, Dream Engine re-launched the quintessential Italian motorcycling experience in all its glory, attracting legendary riders such as Bruno Spaggiari, Remo Venturi, Giuliano Maoggi and Leopoldo Tartarini. The event was a sell-out success and attracted over three hundred participants from around the world, international press, and thousands of roadside fans. Each year the event has grown in scope and ambition

The winner of Motogiro USA was also the recipient of a beautiful Brooks Leather Jacket.

Brooks Leather joined the “Motogiro Team” as announced on Janurary 9, 2014. Brooks is proud to be part of this very cool event series and looks forward to more great events in the future. In fact, Jamie Goodson (Brooks President) on his 250cc Harley-Davidson Sprint and Duane, Jamie’s “Right Hand Man” at Brooks HQ on his 250cc Benelli have participated in the event competing since 2011. “We sponsor the event because we are believers in the event.”, said Jamie Goodson.

Check out some the cool images from the event


Jamie Goodson – CEO Brooks Leather Sportswear

Doug Bowden – Director Moto Giro USA

Bob Coy – President United States Classic Racing Association (USCRA) 

Pewter Run – October 5, 2014

Where Vintage Never Gets Old
Recently an event called the Pewter Run was in early October 2014. Again, Brooks Leathers has stepped up to sponsor this event. The Pewter Run, for lack of a better way to say it, is a sister event to the Motogiro event we attended in September.
As described at , The Pewter Run was back for and, other season and the USCRA invited all riders to the 2014 annual Pewter Run held on October 5th 2014 and was located in Northfield, Massachusetts in the Connecticut River Valley.
The Pewter Run Celebrates the first fifty years of motorcycling in America. It is loosely patterned after two international “vintage” motorcycle events The “Motogiro dItalia” and the English “Banbury Run”. The PEWTER RUN is a timed, non-speed, reliability road event for motorcycles built prior to 1950. The First event started and finished on the historic town common in Hillsborough Center, New Hampshire.This very picturesque setting is in the heart of rural New England with its many historic villages, fine homes, old inns and winding country roads. The premiere “first of its kind ” AMA sanctioned event is organized and hosted by the United States Classic Racing Association, Americas oldest vintage racing organization. The route will wind its way approximately 10, 25 & 50 mile routes from Penacook to Hopkinton, New Hampshire and eventually back to the start for a gala social gathering and cookout celebrating early motorcycling.Participants will follow one of three designated routes at a low average speed where checkpoints will confirm their reliability and progress. Participation classes will separate the motorcycles into age categories for scoring. Pewter replicas will be awarded for completing the event in the prescribed time plus an allowable percentage. For complete event information, rules, classes and an entry form, visit the rules and events pages.The United States Classic Racing Association is the oldest vintage road racing organization in the United States. Though primarily based in the Northeast, it has members around the globe that participate in its unique events from actual street race exhibitions to all out FIM / NAMU internationally sanctioned Road Racing and Observed Trials.In recent years the USCRA has broadened it’s offerings to include Vintage Observed Trials and the first ever MOTOGIRO-USA. The USCRA is very responsive to its membership interests. From that membership interest the PEWTER RUN was born and is being developed to address the very early years of motorcycling in America.

It is anticipated that there will be a significant gathering of very early motorcycles from the twenties and earlier for this first of its kind in the United States reliability run. Europe has been doing this type of event for years but until now, there has been no opportunity for this type of event here in the United States.

Brooks Leather not only sponsor this great event, but Brooks President, Jamie Goodson participated this year riding his BSA B33. Jamie Goodson adds, “I had a great time at this wonderful event and look forward to competing in the future.”

To see more beautiful images captured by Brian Rivet at previous Pewter Run events, clickHERE. Thank You for sharing the Pewter Run through your lens. 

Barber Vintage Festival – October 10-12, 2014

 As you can see, Brooks was very busy on the road of support in the industry in Fall of 2014. The Barber Vintage Festival was the headliner event of the late 2014 season and provided everyone with some thrilling racing action in Leeds, AL. on a somewhat wet, yet wonderful weekend.
In attendance during the weekend event was President Jamie Goodson and his right hand man Duane Mersereau from Commando Specialties. They were there along with Ryan Ambrose (left) and Jarrett Martin (right) from Team Brooks (Pictured below).
To see further details on Ryan’s career, click HERE
Ryan Ambrose in action
Jarrett Martin at Road America
Additionally, Brooks Leather sponsors Norton Manx Racing and rider Alex McLean……see images below.
Alex took the checkered flag more than one racing class during the weekend.  To see the results of all the races during the festival, click HERE
Alex McLean
L to R Nobby Clark, Alex McLean, Cindy Hill
Side Bar – For 25 years, Derek “Nobby” Clark was one of the world’s leading motorcycle race mechanics. In addition to being a part of 17 FIM Grand Prix world championships, earned in classes ranging from 50cc to 500cc, his teams won three Daytona 200s, one Daytona 100, four Imola 200s and eight Italian championships. Clark was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame on Nov. 16, 2012, in Las Vegas, Nev. To see his induction into the AMA Hall of Fame, click HERE
Duane “The Right Hand”
Jamie “The Dean” Goodson
Jamie & Ryan

AHRMA 2014 National Series

Congrats to Brooks sponsored riders:

Jerrett Martin

Champion Thruxton Transatlantic Challenge 2013 and 2014

Alex Mclean, Team Norton Manx Racing Champion
Pre 1940
Classic 60’s

Class C

Lorraine Crussel, Champion
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