When you think LED lighting….. On Road, Off Road, or Home ! Think CYRON LED’s

When you think LED lighting…..  On Road, Off Road, or Home ! 

Think CYRON LED’s 

We can make your ride, your shop and your house come to life with vibrant color accenting.

From conservative to outrageous our engineering staff can make your lighting vision a reality.

Be the envy of everyone that can appreciate the beauty and dramatic art of accent lighting.

More and more it is all around us, malls are being lighted, the latest cars are being lit for the road with LEDS, jewelry show cases sparkle like never before. Better lighting drives better sales, that’s a fact!

Check out CYRONS website to better understand how today’s lighting technology can increase sales and make life around you just a little more beautiful.


Whatever your lighting needs, CYRON fits the bill!
CYRON aka CYRON Lighting:

CYRON is a manufacturer and distributor of quality Solid-State Lighting products for use in consumer, industrial, commercial, residential, and OEM applications.
CYRON products cover a broad range of industries. Some of the people and places using CYRON lighting products are:

Retail / Consumers
Home Architectural
Government/State contracts
General Contractors
Carpenters & Cabinet Makers
Lighting Designers
Light Manufacturers
Display Case Manufacturers
Landscape Designers
Audio Video & Home Theatre Contractors
Custom Electronic Designers
Stage Lighting & Night Clubs
Motorsports & Motorcycles
Automobiles, Cars, Boats & RVs
Film Industry

We invite you to contact CYRON or any of its network of dealers and distributors. You’ll find your SSL lighting solutions could be easier and more cost effective than you thought.

1-888-CYRON 60 (Phone)
818-772-1900 (Phone)
818-772-1317 (Fax)
What would YOU light today!? 

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