BikeSheath New Product Announcement Honda Gold Wing Covers Available

BikeSheath New Product Announcement
Honda Gold Wing Covers Available 

BikeSheath® brand covers are the perfect accessory for your Gold Wing. It is a product that offers custom protection for the entire seat (including passenger backrest). BikeSheath® covers are made of a revolutionary material that completely blocks water, moisture, and harmful UV rays from your seat surface. It is also available with an optional driver’s backrest cover, which doubles as the storage bag. 

The compact size, weighing less than one pound, allows it to go where ever you go. Don’t worry about getting it dirty, as it is machine washable.  


*Completely Waterproof Fully laminated backing to prevent wicking of moisture 

*Constructed of lightweight polyester knit material to withstand harsh outdoor elements 

*Machine wash / dry – withstands over 200 washes 

*Enclosed elastic edging to provide a snug fit 

*Compact Carrier with drawstrings for easy storage on bike** 

*Protects your seat and tank from harmful sunlight when parked 

*Thread over-lock safety stitch 

*Patent Pending 

*Made in the USA using USA made fabric.


From the very beginning we have implemented the highest level of quality standards and continuous improvement methodologies. All Research and Design functions revolved around input from motorcyclists with many years and miles of riding. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve our product to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. We are fans of the statement, “Genius of the AND”. That is why we are relentless in the pursuit of form, fit, AND function. 

**BikeSheath® covers with a backrest utilize the backrest cover as a self-contained bag as seen in the picture.

About BikeSheath
BikeSheath was formed out of necessity to protect the precious investment of motorcycle tanks, seats, and gauges. The owners of BikeSheath have multiple years of combined riding experience on multiple makes and models of motorcycles. During a January ride in Georgia, a discussion arose about producing motorcycle accessories that would cater to all cruiser type motorcycles. Several ideas were contemplated before settling on BikeSheath modular motorcycle covers. We also wanted to offer products for the women riders; which are becoming a larger percentage of rider each year. 

Since then, we have patents pending on several BikeSheath products. We constantly strive to improve our designs and processes to provide riders everywhere with a product that is both useful and can lend itself to your personality. 

We are proud to say that BikeSheath products are made in the United States of America using American made fabric. We have sought out strictly United  States vendors in order to do what we can to provide for employment in this economy.

Contact Information:
Phone: (888) 548-5642
All Distributor and High Volume Dealers, please contact Joe Distefano:
319-389-0798 or 

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