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For 14 years American Thunder on the SPEED Channel ruled the airways as the highest rated motorcycle magazine show ever then suddenly it was gone. In an effort to keep the show alive in 2009 Discovery’s HD Theater picked up the options and brought the show back as Two Wheel Thunder. Despite high ratings and a loyal fan base that show too disappeared after one season. The question to this day for millions of fans is simply “why”? The answer may shock many. The networks no longer felt there was a viable audience for motorcycle television and an audience that ranged from 35 – 55 year olds just wasn’t big enough to hold ratings. This rational only proves one thing: suits behind desks don’t ride and have no idea about the camaraderie and lifestyle that the American motorcycle sub culture is built around.  
During the years that American Thunder and Two Wheel Thunder dominated the motorcycle television space Michele Smith hosted for over 10 years becoming an iconic figure in the biker world and I joined her for six of those years not only as a Co-host but also as the Executive producer. When the shows ended both Michele and I were shocked but figured that times were changing and the popularity of our shows were fading into the sunset, after so many years of success isn’t a bad way to go out. So we graciously moved on to explore different opportunities, I had a beautiful son and spent most of my time raising him enjoying every second and Michele continued here modeling and acting career on both the East coast and West coast. However in the back of both our minds we still felt a connection to the fan base that the networks were so quick to dismiss, we both still ride and both enjoy the same passion as millions do on the open road.
There was always an undercurrent of support from our fan base because as we know, unlike executives who push pencils, the biker community is nothing less than a band of brothers and sisters who will always be loyal and there for each other.
Both Michele and I were, honestly, moved by the loyalty from viewers who asked mainly the same question again and again: “When are you guys getting back on TV”.  This support prompted Michele and I to reunite for the first time in 3 years at the Myrtle Beach Bike Fest this May to see first hand what kind of reception we would receive and true to form the biker community was honest and genuine about wanting another show.
Wanting something and getting something are to very different things and many times simply never mesh. How could we do another show when networks were so blind?  Knowing a few things about the TV industry and a bit about the Internet, I posed this question: “Would you watch a show with Michele and I if it were on the Internet only. Meaning on our own YouTube channel and or available to download on iTunes for free. You don’t need cable, a DVR and the shows would be available world wide all the time any time”.  Your response was a 100% yes!  So here we go folks if you really want us bringing you all of the great rallies, rides, products and bikes in the world of American motorcycles with a lot less editing you have the power to bring us back.  Go to
As always thanks you for your support! Hope to see everyone on the road again soon.
Jay Barbieri



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