Rusty Coones is a Legend in the motorcycle community nationwide. Rusty’s time and resources are available for hire to help you promote your business, charity, an event, or help endorse your motorcycle product. Tradeshows and especially motorcycle rally’s, Rusty is an all-out professional. He is flexible and extremely easy to work with. Rates are negotiable, and will depend on your needs. Rusty will be the Star Attraction that your customers will NEVER forget! What sets Rusty apart from other iconic motorcycle legends is his truly warm-hearted, easy going and gentle nature. He is well-versed, and he brings top notch results. Rusty’s roots and street cred go back to 1974 when he bought his first Harley Davidson. Rusty Coones is a triple threat of talent with a strictly business work ethic.
On the television show SONS OF ANARCHY, Rusty’s character “Rane Quinn” is a Redwood Original Member of SAMCRO. This 6 foot 6 inch intimidating beast is the real deal!
Rusty is more and more in demand for personal appearances as an SOA cast member. His presence at events is an added attraction that fans always appreciate and Rusty goes to any lengths, making sure every fan has access for pictures and signings no matter how late he stays.


Is one of few companies certified by C.A.R.B. and E.P.A. to manufacture motorcycles in the United States. Capitalizing on years of build experience and extensive knowledge, his custom choppers are reliable, ride great, and look great on the kickstand. This includes the bike Rusty rides on SONS OF ANARCHY, which captures the essence of his renown talent. Rusty is also known for the SOA charity chopper, built for The Wounded Warrior Foundation. And a special nod for Rusty’s custom sleek ride, built for SOA’s creator, Kurt Sutter.
In 2013, while shooting Season 6, SONS OF ANARCHY, Rusty performed on 2 major U.S. music tours:RockStar Energy Mayhem Festival Tour and the RockStar Energy Uproar Tour. Visiting over 40 cities nationwide, ATTIKA7 opened the stage with at least one bad ass motorcycle riding on the stage!! People were pumped once the loud pipes were revved up as ATTIKA7 started their songs with Rusty swinging his battle ax guitar! Rusty Coones is the lead guitar, song writer and creator of ATTIKA7.
This American Motorcycle Legend is not just another celebrity signing autographs…Rusty is authentic. Rusty actually builds custom bikes himself, performs services, and sells parts and accessories. He is up to speed on the newest technologies and advancements within the motorcycle industry. Rusty is available for product endorsements, and products must pass his rigorous approval. As a highly respected leader in the motorcycle community, Rusty’s hard work and dedication speaks for itself.
We invite you to  email with contact information if you are interested in working with Rusty Coones.
Contact: Joe Distefano
P-319.389.0798 / F- 866.205.2422
Thank you for your time.
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