The J&P Cycles Open House 3-Day Rally – Butty Buddy heads to “fields of opportunity”

The J&P Cycles Open House 3-Day Rally
BB heads to “fields of opportunity”  
Maryville, Tennessee – BB Comfort Systems a.k.a Butty Buddy seats is very excited to announce the invitation extended to us by J&P Cycles to attend and exhibit at the up coming 3-day Open House Rally.
As a matter of fact, the word “rally” actually is much more accurate as this event will be host to over an estimated 30K bikers during the three day event. The Butty Buddy sales and marketing consultant, “Cadillac” Joe Distefano had this to say about the event:
“My first time attending this event was in 1994 or maybe event 1993. There were a few local guys set up, including me with a table, a banner, and a few samples in the dirt parking lot. That was it!
The crowd was nothing near what it is today, but the quality of the J&P Cycles customers are what I remember the most. They came there ready to buy parts and most certainly did just that. Today, the crowd is huge, but the quality customer is still there ready to make their dreams come true. I was glad to support J&P’s efforts 20 years ago and am glad to continue to support this great event in 2014.”
BB comfort systems has donated a large amount of Butty Buddy seats to be given away as auction and door prizes and we have stocked the J&P shelves. So, we hope to see you in Anamosa, Iowa on Friday, June 27 – Sunday June 29, 2014 for the 35th Annual event and a brand new Butty Buddy seat on your bike.
J&P will have food and entertainment available. Butty Buddy is a family business, so we appreciate what we consider a great carnival atmosphere appropriate for all ages.
In addition, right down the street is one of the world’s foremost motorcycle museums, The National Motorcycle Museum.
This event has something for everybody, and
For further information, please follow the link below:
What is Butty Buddy? There is a variety of gel pads and air cushions on the market today, but at best, they can only add some padding to a seat that is simply too narrow and lacks proper shape.

Butty Buddy is a full size 13.5 inch portable passenger seat… that’s the same size seating area as the factory driver’s seat on a Harley Softail! It incorporates the all comfort benefits of hi-density closed cell cushioning and a concave ergonomic shape that provides firm and correct support for the posterior and lower back. You’ll see why it has earned the name “the thousand mile seat”!

Butty Buddy is a comfort concept so unique that it was awarded a United States Patent in 2002, and is the result of four years of development and refinement. Simply put, there is nothing else like it in the world. It is lightweight, portable, and adapts securely to most existing passenger seats. ButtyBuddy can even be attached to bare fenders on solo bikes like choppers with its exclusive monster suction-cups. No matter how you use it, installation and removal requires only a matter of seconds, and it stows away in its own convenient tote.

So is Butty Buddy all about the passenger?

Not at all! It’s also about guys that love low, lean custom bikes… guys that care about their gal, but just will not tolerate the look of a big gaudy passenger seat. So now, thanks to Butty Buddy, when the long hard riding is done, she’s happy, he’s happy and the bike still looks low, clean and wicked!!  That is a beautiful thing.


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