Myrtle 2014 ad

Michele Smith & Jay Barbieri hosted two of the most popular motorcycle show on TV; “American Thunder”, which debuted in the early 90s and ran until 2009 and “Two Wheel Thunder” in 2010. Smith and Barbieri became iconic figures in the motorcycle industry and for years could be seem filming together at almost every major motorcycle rally in the country. Unfortunately both the SPEED Channel and Discovery’s HD Theater now Velocity cancelled the shows feeling that there wasn’t a big enough audience for motorcycle enthusiasts. To many it’s still a mystery why the networks made this decision since the pair still maintains Facebook fan sites with over 100,000 followers.
Since their last episode aired in late 2010 the pair has gone their separate ways to explore other opportunities, however, based on their continuing and growing popularity of the duo will be reuniting for the first time at the Myrtle Beach Bike Fest Spring Rally May 12 – 18, 2014. Michele commented: “I can’t wait, I miss being at the rallies with all of my friends, it’s going to be a blast”. Barbieri added: “Michele and I have always loved hanging out and just being part of the sub culture we both have enjoyed for years”
They will be appearing from for Thursday the 15th until Saturday the 17th at the Strip Club Choppers Road House located at the legendary Myrtle Beach Speedway.
For more information about event, live music, contest and the chance to ride your own motorcycle around the track visit:



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