Spectro Oils of America Announces Sponsorship of Supercross Racers.


Spectro Oils of America Announces Sponsorship of Supercross Racers.

One of the world’s foremost manufacturers of quality powersports lubricants, enters the 2014 season with some of the strongest riders of the sport.

BROOKFIELD, Conn. – March 8, 2014. Spectro Oils of America is excited to announce its sponsorship of AMA Pro 450 Weston Peick of Peick Racing, AMA Pro 450 and 250 class Vince Friese of the Factory Metal Works team, along with longtime “rippah” and Spectro rider AMA Pro 250 Jimmy Decotis. Another strong addition to the list of Spectro sponsored riders is former pro supercross rider, Ryan Sipes. Ryan is gearing up to make his GNCC racing debut this coming weekend during Daytona Bike week.

Weston Peick

Danielle Larrabee, Marketing Director of Spectro Oils said, “Spectro is thrilled to be involved with such high level riders and supporters of the sport. These riders are pushing the limits of their engines during every race. Our lubricants must withstand shearing, thermal breakdown, and be able to perform despite the dirt, sand, dust, water, mud and extreme heat of the track. Spectro is capable of continuing to provide that engineered excellence to our riders.”

Named by the industry as the “Unsung Hero,” Weston Peick’s record speaks for itself. “I work hard every day to ensure that I’m ready to perform at my peak on race day. I depend on Spectro Oil for the kind of performance and reliability that doesn’t let me down when I need it the most.” Team manager and father Louie Peick, stated, “When I was racing, race bikes were two-strokes and four strokes were for trail riding. Golden Spectro 2-Cycle kept our bikes running without failure for years. For me, choosing Spectro Platinum SX4 100% synthetic engine oil, with G4 technology for Weston’s AMA 450 SX and Outdoor programs was a no-brainer.”

Spectro’s G4 Technology refers to our 100% Pure Group IV Platinum full synthetics. It’s crafted from modern Group IV PAO (polyalphaolefin) synthetic base stocks. These PAO molecules are assembled from the ground up to provide superior strength and endurance, no matter how hard or how long you punish them.

Spectro Oils will also be working with “Team Gus, the godfather of privateers” for the 2014 season. Gus Decker has a first class operation that supports many privateer rides at every Supercross event throughout the U.S. “The Godfather Privateer Racing was established to help up-and-coming Supercross and Motocross professional riders fulfill their dream of some day becoming a top-level pro,” expressed Gus. “It’s for the non-factory supported riders. Riders now have the ability through Godfather Privateer Racing to participate at each of the AMA Supercross and Motocross series, secure a place to pit and have some level of support, which can be next to impossible to obtain during these events.”

Vince Freise

Vince Friese commented, “In the 2014 season my 450 and 250 has never run better, especially with Spectro products.” Friese is an AMA and FIM Professional Motocross and Supercross racer. He finished 4th place overall in the East Coast Lites series in the 2013 AMA Supercross Championship. Vince and the Factory Metal Works team began this years racing season with a 450 during the West Coast events. He has had some great first rounds of the 250 East Coast series along with longtime Spectro rider Jimmy Decotis.

Jimmy Decotis
Ryan Sipes
Spectro Performance Oils continued partnership with the WMR race team has provided the opportunity to work with former pro supercross rider, Ryan Sipes. “Working with Spectro and WMR has been a great addition to the team. The quality of the products speaks for themselves, living up to the Spectro name,” remarked Ryan. WMR Competition Performance is a full service, state of the art race shop, KTM Dealer and the only orange level service center in Florida. They will be working with Ryan Sipes and additional Spectro sponsored rider, Chris Douglas of Imperium Bicycles for the 2014 GNCC series. WMR will be providing KTMs for the team and also their Nihilo products for the bikes. Ryan came to us because he knew of our success over the years in the GNCC series and because of our connection with KTM,” said Bob Brewster, owner and motor builder at WMR Competition Performance.

Spectro brands are manufactured and marketed by Intercontinental Lubricants Corp. of Brookfield, CT. ILC is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers and packagers of quality, specialty lubricants. Spectro® products are engineered to provide the highest levels of performance across the full range of full-synthetic, semi-synthetic and petroleum lubricants for all types of power-sports engines and transmissions.

Spectro® provides unsurpassed strength and endurance to protect your engine against wear and tear.

The Spectro® line also includes superior suspension fluids, fork oils, brake fluids, coolant, chain lubes, filter cleaners/oils, and appearance products.

Spectro® (ILC) is pleased to sponsor, Penton: The John Penton Story. It is a feature length documentary about off-road motorcycle pioneer and industry icon, John Penton and his family. It will be narrated by Grammy Winner Lyle Lovett, and feature over 100 interviews of the largest cast of motorcycle legends ever assembled on film. Release of this film is expected to be in Spring of 2014.Penton Oils logo

For more information on Spectro Oils, please visit our updated website:
Spectro Performance Oils – Engineered Excellence!



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