Valerie Thompson say “YES” to Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters

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Valerie Thompson say “YES”

The Best …..Protect your ride

“I say YES to the Speed-Way Motorsport Shelter!”

Valerie Thompson is one of the most determined and successful independent female racers competing today, living in a world of speed on and off the racetrack. Valerie is now a 5-Time motorcycle land speed record holder and racing team owner. Valerie’s first year as a land speed racing team owner/driver met with tremendous success in 2012, setting three new national speed records and gaining membership in the “Mojave Magnum 200 MPH Club” with her BMW S 1000 RR. She continued her winning streak at her first 2013 competition, The Texas Mile, setting a new 1000 cc class/track record and earning membership to the prestigious “Texas Mile 200 MPH Club” with back-to-back runs of 212 mph, a new personal best top speed.


Valerie comments on the Speed-Way Shelter: “Check out this cool Speed-Way Motorcycle Cover we displayed at our appearance yesterday. It’s weather protection for outside use (racetrack) and great for inside your garage! Comes with a retractable “roll top” feature for fast, immediate, easy access to your cycle! Another GREAT feature is a SHELTER for our pets! Reckon and Speedy and I say YES to the Speed-Way Motorsport Shelter!”

EASY AS 1, 2, 3

Click here to view a short video that explains the many advantages of the Speed-Way Motorsport Shelter. 

Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters are custom, secure, and private,miniature motor-sport garages with a retractable “roll top” feature allowing for fast, immediate, easy access to your cycle! The main features and benefits of Speed-Way Shelters are Weather Proofing, Ease of Assembly and Use, Strong and Durable long lasting materials and construction, Custom Designs with High Functionality … all this affordable priced with two models to choose from.

Simply pull your cycle right into a Speed-Way motorcycle shelter, lower the retractable cover over your bike and you are done! With our motorcycle covers there is no wait time for pipes to cool. Rest assured with Speed-Way covers knowing your bike is fully protected from all outdoor elements, in all seasons, from winter to summer. Our motorcycle covers were designed with you in mind … from the professional motorcyclist, the motorcycle commuter, to the weekend rider .. we got you covered!

Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters come in two sizes…the Standard / Sport Model and the Specialized Touring Model.  If there are ever any questions about the make or model of your motorcycle, or any other questions about our motorcycle covers, the Speed-Way staff is available for immediate assistance. Call our customer service department at 831-477-9600.
Contact Us: 
 Donald W. Reeves
953 Tower Place
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Telephone: 831-477-9600; FAX: 831-477-9606




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