Ride Wright Wheels Announces New 2014 Wheel Applications


Ride Wright Wheels Announces New 2014 Wheel Applications

Anaheim, CA – Ride Wright Wheels, the leading premium spoke wheel builder in the U.S. and now manufacturer of forged billet wheels, announced that they have all applications available for 2014 Harley models as well as Victory, Indian and Yamaha’s Star. Ride Wright Wheels is the premier “go to place” for getting American-made custom spoke or wire motorcycle wheels and now billet mag wheels just how you want them.

Exotica Wheels and Omega Wheels can be designed exactly the way the customer wants his wheels…there’s no limitations! Choose the color of your new modular hubs, the styles and number of spokes, the spoke and rim finish as well as the color of nipples. Ride Wright Wheels has endless possibilities with style and fitment and their tremendous sales department helps customers design the ultimate personalized wheel. There’s nothing that can’t be done when designing your own rims including elaborate engraving if needed.

Exotica Wheels feature a rolled spun rim made from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and are enhanced with a special silicon material to handle added abrasion and flex for maximum durability. This smooth material prevents unsightly air-leaking imperfections as well. It also welcomes engraving and contrast designs on the edge of the wheel, which is another Ride Wright Wheel service offered. Available in 40,50, 60 and 80 spoke designs in all popular sizes up to 26″ and soon to be released…30″ wheel.

Omega Wheels are exceptional “classic style lip” steel wheels built to suit the most discriminating tastes. Available in 40, 50, 60, 80 and 120 spokes with a variety of spoke styles, including twisted, diamond, smooth and jewel. Choose from hundreds of options just like our Omega line…the only difference is the style of the lip as well as the material used is steel instead of aluminum. The exception is our new 30″ Omega which has a 6061-T6 aluminum hoop and only weighs 9 lbs., making it the lightest wheel on the market in this size.

Our El Camino Wheels are manufactured to the highest standards utilizing aircraft quality 6061 T-6 aluminum. Strong, beautiful, balanced and complete with a full lifetime structural Ride Wright backing, these forged billet wheels are available in polished, chrome or painted to your liking…or can be “personalized” in a highly customized fashion to work with your ride.

Ride Wright Wheels offers matching rotors and pulleys and can be ordered with a set of your favorite tires computer balanced and mounted. To order a set of wheels, please call 714-632-8297, email them at sales@ridewrightwheels.com,Sam@ridewrightwheels.com or Jad@ridewrightwheels.com. To see the latest from Ride Wright Wheels, visit www.ridewrightwheels.com.


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