An Evening with the City of Hollister – Corbin Pacific Receives Certificate of Recognition


November 18, 2013 – There are good days and bad days… then there are REALLY good days. Monday the 18th of November was one of those especially good days for local Hollister businessman and resident Mike Corbin. What started out as a simple gesture of civic pride amounted to so much more.

The local Boy Scouts in recent years have made it a tradition to place American flags throughout downtown Hollister on patriotic holidays. Naturally, the flags had been used around the city during the summer’s July motorcycle rally- the first sanctioned biker rally since 2008- and the scouts kept them out until they went missing. Later that month, four suspects were arrested on charges of theft, but the flags were not recovered.


Since the organization exists on the good will of local families and a myriad of fund raisers, the Scouts were in a pinch. The troop went to the council of Hollister in September to request the city reimburse them for the cost of the flags. Hearing about the plight, Mike Corbin and company stepped in and presented the Boy Scout troops with a check for $1,000 to help replace the stolen flags and assure the patriotic tradition would continue.

During a meeting of the city council on November 18th, the Boy Scouts of troops 777 and 787 presented Mike with a plaque thanking him for his support as seen above. Corbin said he was “very proud” to help the Boy Scouts and hoped the money would go directly towards flags and nothing else. To be more precise he told the young men “Don’t go spending it on X-Boxes!”


Following the presentation from the Boy Scouts, Hollister Mayor Ignacio Velazquez personally thanked Mike Corbin for his support. He went on to say “You’re a very important part of our community” and presented Mike with a certificate of recognition for his support of the community.

It was through the ongoing efforts of local business people like Mike Corbin that made if possible for the return of the Hollister Motorcycle Rally, an event that will a positive impact on Hollister for years to come. It took a lot of dedication with cooperation from local officials, law enforcement and organizers to pull it all together. Recently it all paid off with the city committing to an ongoing event and long term deal with event manager Worldwide Dynamics.


“We’re all working together to keep Independence Day alive in Hollister,” said Corbin.


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