What are people saying about the new Corbin Seats for Indian Motorcycles?

corbin_72dpi (1)http://www.corbin.com

I was speaking to Mike at Corbin yesterday about the new Indian seats and what his customer reaction is to them so far…………..he shared this message from his customer Mike Crowley of Sugar Land, Texas:


I’ve only ridden 110 miles on it but they were all very happy miles!    The seat itself fits me great, and is comfortable, and the backrest is super.  I’m a happy camper and will definitely let others know.  It looks great and ‘enhances’ my beautiful Chieftain, but more importantly it feels great!  Thank you and your very good team.  That seat will make a lot of rides/trips and I’m sure it will help sell a lot of Corbin seats!  Job well done!

I believe it sits me about 1” further back and about 1” higher, and supports me better.

Mike Crowley
Sugar Land, Texas

Needless to say, Mike loves the seat and Mike loves hearing from another satisfied customer.

Go to http://www.corbin.com to check out tons of new products coming out every month.




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