The 2014 Brough Superior SS100 Mark Upham has been dropping hints about a ‘new new’ machine in the Brough Superior stable, being built and assembled by Boxer Design in Toulouse, France, with help from the team at Aquila Design in England. The bike was unveiled today at the EICMA show in Milan.  Upham says ‘We’ve spent 4M euros on the design of a totally new engine, and have been in talks with Prime Minister of Britain for possible support of what we see as a major project.  Our goal is to be the #2 motorcycle manufacturer in Britain.  Our price range will be under 100k euros, and we expect to build perhaps 20 per year of these totally bespoke machines’.

The new SS100 takes cues from the 1926 ‘Pendine’ SS100 competition model, with metal straps securing the familiar bulbous Brough fuel tank, the twin tubular exhausts (called ‘carbjectors’ on the 20s machine), the big, powerful V-twin engine (thank God it’s not an S&S…), the unusual forks with echo the ‘Castles’ of the big Brough, and even the small windscreen.  The headlamp has a bezel ring with increases the visual diameter, etc.  Mark Upham has set himself a difficult task, the ultimate Vintage machine follow-up, and I feared the worst when I heard he was proceeding on this project…so much could go catastrophically wrong when playing with history!  There’s much to commend in the new design, it is definitely not a failure nor a horror, and I’m intrigued about the on-the-road performance.  The 90degree engine, as we know from Ducati, is naturally very smooth, and the front end looks unusual, but BMW has proven a modern ‘girder’ fork can be exceptional.  As more photos are released, I’ll add them to this post.Brough-Superior-Top

Specifications of the new machine are as follows:

Engine – 88degree V-twin DOHC 4-Valve, water and oil cooled, 997cc, 100hp@10krpm, 11:1 compression, 125Nm torque @ 8krpm.
Dimensions – Wheelbase 1550mm (61″), steering angle 24.6deg, trail 96.7mm (3.8″), 18″ aluminum 18-spoke wheels, dry weight 180kb (395lb).
Chassis – Steel and titanium trellis tube frame, Fior double wishbone front forks, Ohlins Shocks front and rear, front brake 4D ceramic Beringer double discs, rear brake single aluminum/ceramic composite.  READ EVEN MORE

Screen-Shot-2013-11-05-at-2.24.34-PM-770x433 Screen-Shot-2013-11-05-at-2.25.01-PM-770x488 Brough-Superior-Top