Bean’re and the Drop Seat Bagger “chopped, dropped, deconstructed and reconstructed…”

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Bean’re and the Drop Seat Bagger  ……“chopped, dropped, deconstructed and reconstructed…”
Gilroy, Ca. – As many of you know by now, the flagship product of Bagger Werx is the Drop Seat Kit as seen below.
Of course, any manufacturer is going to tell you their stuff is the best. Like many others, we thoroughly test our products and manufacture them with the best available material and workmanship.
However, that is where the similarity ends. The Bagger Werx 3.5″ Drop Seat For Harley-Davidson Touring Models is the only Drop Seat Kit on the market that works with California Canister motorcycles. Plus, it is the only Drop Seat Kit that works with ABS and non-ABS models and does not require the ABS brake line to be disconnected and brake system to be bleed and/or the use of the Digital Technician 11.
ds bike image
What is even better is that it is the ONLY Drop Seat Kit used by well known and beloved motorcycling nomad, Bean’re! 
Photo by Jack McInytre of
No matter how much testing a manufacturer does, the rubber meets the road in the real world application of the product. We couldn’t think of a better guy to try our kit than a man who rides the amount or in the conditions that Bean’re rides everyday……..and he wrenches his own bike.
When we caught up to Bean’re after Sturgis, he had this to say about our kit…….
“I made my own drop seat on my last bike and loved how it rode however it was lacking the professional appearance and engineering. The Bagger Werx drop seat kit has it ALL and even comes with a cool Corbin seat. I also think their side covers are the coolest ones being made by anyone!”
Bean’re continues to say ” In a day and age when everyone claims their part is a ” bolt on” and you end up having to be a machinist and a fabricator, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Bagger Werx kit. Much to my satisfaction, it was a pleasure using the Bagger Werx Drop Seat kit. Everything bolted right on and works perfectly.”
When a guy that rides an average of 50K + miles per year says the stuff works, how can anyone dispute the facts.
The bike started life as a bone stock bagger……
“Stock, it is a great bike and it would serve well if transportation was all I was looking for but riding to me is about making a statement too. It doesn’t matter if I am riding coast to coast or down to the local 7-11, I want to stand out and let it be known that, “this ain’t your grandfather’s Oldsmobile!” Said Bean’re.
To read the entire story of the bike Bean’re built, follow the link below: 
To check out all the cool Bagger Werx products, go to



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