Have you ever come across a shop that was so unusual, you had to just tell everyone? Well we did, and its in a little town just outside Philadelphia called Croydon, Pa. I’m referring to Johnny Mac’s Chopper House. JMCH (8 of 11) The word “House” plays a role in the title of this company as you will see. The idea came to be because of three very talented individuals in their own business, all friends outside of work, Johnny Mac (motorcycle builder), George Berry (Fiberglass fabricator), and Jack McIntyre, Photographer / WEB / GRAPHICS. George had located a new building for his fiberglass company to work from, and with the extra 50,000 sq ft, we pulled together, built a great shop, showroom, photo / video studio, and Tattoo Shop. So, “House” you ask…, you got it, not you can see why.  READ MORE